St. Peter’s Lutheran Church was established in 1910 with 66 members. The first building was erected on Lyon Street and dedicated on Easter Sunday in 1914. Early members were predominantly residents of Ottawa, recent immigrants, or arrivals from neighbouring towns and rural communities. After many years of financial hardship and difficulties, the congregation gradually increased and outgrew its church building.

Teaching window, St. Peter's church detailThe present building was dedicated in 1954. It is situated on Ottawa’s ceremonial route and overlooks the Garden of the Provinces, the Ottawa River and the Gatineau Hills. St. Peter’s is an Ottawa landmark, designed in traditional English Gothic style. The stained glass is rich in symbolic motifs, including an image of the church built on a rock (Matthew 16:18).

At present, St. Peter’s has about 400 baptized members, who represent many different ethnic groups from diverse religious backgrounds.

In 2010, St. Peter’s celebrated its 100th Anniversary.