Prayer List

St. Peter’s ministry includes a weekly prayer list, located in the parish hall, at the entrance to the sanctuary.  Members are invited to enter names and prayer concerns, which the worship assistant and gathered community bring before God during the prayers of intercession, offered at Sunday worship.

Pastoral Care

The Pastor provides prayers, pastoral counselling, comfort and support, especially in times of bereavement, illness and other crises.  He celebrates the Sacrament of Holy Communion with members who are shut in and cannot attend congregational worship services. As the spiritual leader of the congregation, he fosters the work of the Holy Spirit in the St. Peter’s community.

Bible Studies

Occasional Bible studies are held during the Fall and Winter seasons.  The studies are usually thematic and presented in a number of sequential sessions.  Typically each study session is independent, so attendance at all sessions is not required.

Learning Opportunities

Special learning opportunities include weekend events such as the “Seminary at St. Peter’s”, workshops such as “Living Ecological Justice” in partnership with Citizens for Public Justice, and information sessions such as the Ottawa Lutheran Refugee Sponsorship Committee.  While the format varies according to the theme, a guest leader usually serves as the animator.