The secular and financial affairs of the parish are administered by the Pastor and Congregational Council.  Twelve members of the Congregation, elected for three-year terms, are responsible for the finances, property and programs of the parish. The Council is accountable to the congregation and Council members are available to discuss matters relating to the parish.

Committees, which are accountable to the Council, include liaisons from the Council, as well as members who are not elected to the Council.  Areas of committee responsibility include Worship, Learning, Witness, Youth/Young Adults, Property, Support (Finance/Site Facilities/Stewardship), and Mutual Ministry.

An annual meeting is held each year in February. During this meeting, the Congregation receives financial and committee reports, approves the budget and elects members to the Council.

Membership and Stewardship

Each congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) is responsible for its own administration, finances and programs.  Members are encouraged to attend worship regularly, support the church financially, and volunteer time and talents.

We believe that, in thanksgiving for God’s generous gifts to us, it is important to support the work of the church. We encourage members to carry out this commitment by placing a regular offering in the offering plate, or using one of several other means to donate to the church. Charitable donation tax receipts are issued in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency.  Donations and financial records are confidential.