In November, 2016, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church took delivery of Steinway #601804, a new seven foot Steinway Model B ebony finish grand piano. The piano was manufactured in New York in 2015/16, and was delivered directly from the factory to the Steinway Piano Gallery in Ottawa.  Prior to being acquired by the Church, it was featured at several concerts at the 2016 Ottawa Jazz Festival and 2016 Chamber Music Festival.

The piano was acquired as a result of a generous donation, a gift from a long-time friend of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Following an extensive selection process, the Steinway Model B was chosen for St. Peter’s because of its size, remarkable tone, playability, and the uncompromised quality of its workmanship.

Steinway pianos are handcrafted instruments, taking over a year to produce, and periodically a real gem stands out. Steinway #601804 is one of those gems.

We are extremely grateful to the donor for this exceptional gift. It enhances the range of music that is performed by St. Peter’s Choirs during Worship Service and the prelude and postlude.